About us 1aSiggins Miller Consultants is an Australian company which operates domestically in all states and territories and internationally in the region.

Our core business has grown over the last 20 years to include staff in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales with an extensive network of expert academic associates who work with us both nationally and internationally. Our core business is in health, human services, higher education, non-government and private sectors.

Our areas of expertise and strengths include:

  • Assisting with evidence based program and policy design, building in performance and evaluation frameworks  from the beginning
  • Designing and implementing performance monitoring and evaluation frameworks and implementation plans in line with evidence-based approacheshom page button 3
  • Undertaking community and industry engagement and market research relevant to policy development and review
  • Providing organisational development, change management and Human Resource Management advice to established and new organisations
  • Researching, facilitating and writing national, sub-national and local strategies
  • Providing coaching and capacity building support to organisational leaders

Siggins Miller aims ‘to do good and to do well’ – that is, to work towards the support and improvement of health and human services to achieve individual, community, workforce and organisational well-being.

about us 3aAt the same time, through ethical and professional behaviour and hard work, we aim to do well as a company and to provide a secure learning and work environment for our staff, associates and postgraduate interns. We are committed to high quality outcomes for our clients, working with them to identify the right issues, develop strategies based on the best available knowledge and evidence, and to deliver sustainable results.

To find out more please contact us by using the pro-forma on the right of the page. Alternatively, please call (07) 3374 2801 or email us here.