Our fulltime staff are led by a well-regarded senior leadership team of Directors and Associate Directors who represent the disciplines of health and human services management, organisational psychology, social-marketing, human resources and industrial relations.

Our strong network of expert senior associates are drawn on from about us 2anational and international academic settings across a wide variety of disciplines including medicine, sociology, economics, accounting, education, workforce modelling, science, government, workforce development, pathology, rural and remote health, immunology, e-health, health informatics, Big Data, public health, psychology, political science and ethics.

These senior leaders presented below are always available to clients and take a hands on role in the management and delivery of all projects.

Siggins Miller Consultants Directors and Associate Directors

Dr Mary-Ellen (Mel) Miller – BA (Hons) Psychology, MAppPsych (Organisational Development and Change Management), PhD – Director of Siggins Miller Consultants, an expert in health and human service planning and design, monitoring and evaluation, and managing and leading transformational organisational change.

Dr Ian Siggins – BA (Melbourne), MA (Melbourne & Yale), PhD (Yale), ThL – Chief Executive Officer of Siggins Miller Consultants, an expert in health system reform, organisational review, evaluation research, and consumer rights and responsibilities.

Ms Mary Ferguson –  BSocStud, GradDipEd, MIndustRel & HRM (Sydney) – An expert in organisational review and development, and in the management of international students, industrial relations and human resources in the higher education sector.

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